Editorial process

The editorial process below is applicable to all our journals. Articles received for publication in each journal will go through this process.

Editorial process

After a paper is submitted, our editorial office will follow these steps:

Step 1. Acknowledgement of the submitted article and issue of manuscript number to the corresponding author (within 24- 48 hrs.). 
Step 2. A quick check of the article follows, where an editor checks the paper against the Authors Guidelines, to evaluate the scientific knowledge the paper convenes. A plagiarism check is performed, and the paper is edited. (This step spans for 2 - 3 days). 
Step 3. Revision by the author (if required), acceptance of the paper and payment is required to be paid. 
Step 4. one or more capable international reviewers are invited to provide additional scrutiny and evaluation for the paper. This is to equip the author with additional comments by peers in the field; that may improve the article. Thereafter, the author(s) will send a final copy of the paper for publication.  
Step 5. After receiving a final revised copy of the paper from the author, the manuscript is proofread, a proof copy is made and sent to the author for final approval before publication. 
Step 6. The article is published and indexed.  
Step 7. A continuous post-publication evaluation process begins. The public is free to comment on the papers and more readers/evaluators are able to evaluate the paper. The comments of the public are visible to the anyone. The author is free to send an updated paper to replace the original copy at any time free of any charge.  


1. Papers are not rejected after they have been accepted in Step 3, although if ethical issues (in our ethics policy) are raised by the reviewers, it will be taken seriously and enforced by our editorial office before publication. 
2. In general, the usefulness of reviewers’ comments to the revision of a paper is at the author’s discretion, and it not enforced by our editorial office, although it is strongly recommended that the authors address accurate and needful issues raised by the reviewers for correction. Authors should stick to quality. 
3. Each issue is in progress over a span of time, and other articles may be added to the ones that have already been published in that issue, before a new issue begins.  
4. It may take between 1-4 weeks for published articles to start appearing on major indexes and search engines. The time is determined by the indexer or search engine, not us.
5. Papers will not be retracted after they have been published, however, if we receive a substantial complain about the paper from the public (regarding infringements or illegal content), the author’s attention will be drawn to it before any decision of retraction may be made. We have the right to retract a paper for such reasons and no refund will be issued.


1. The Article Processing/Publication fee can be found here