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Fees and Waiver

Why do we Charge a Publication Fee?

In order to achieve the objective of Greener Journals, we require a handling fee for each accepted manuscript. This is the available means of funding for our research and publication activities. We aim to render top quality and excellence in our publication and circulation of articles and move in line with important advancements and new technologies in the research community, therefore this as a means of funding is important and much needed.


What is the publication Fee?

Our current fee is now fixed at 200 USD for all journals, however, we accepted less in the past, even as low as 75 USD and sometimes 40 USD for authors that could not afford to pay the actual amount. We will continue to assist such authors.


Added Services accompany the actual fee?

Two added benefits are given to authors that afford to pay the actual fee or a substantial part of it. These include:

1. Printing a free hard copy. 

2. A free professional website, now given to authors that publish and reviewers that review for free. Read more here.

3. Rapid peer-review and publication.


Waiver for Authors

Cannot afford the 200 USD as publication fee? Though this fee is much needed and deserved, we will assist you if you indicate what you truly can afford, so that your important paper is published. Before submitting your paper, or when submitting your paper, simply indicate your waiver request and state the amount.


Waiver for Editorial partners and External Reviewers: 

Editorial board members are entitled to 50% - 100% waiver depending on their positions. External reviewers are entitled to 50 % waiver.


Waiver Applications:

All waiver applications should be directed to the accounts department through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Methods of Payment

1. Online, using a credit or debit card. Authors are advised to use this method of payment to avoid paying large transfer fees that are common with the other methods below. Our online payment system accepts even debit cards that are issued from local banks. Authors without a debit card may ask a friend that owns a credit or debit card to pay for them.

2. Western Union. 

3. Bank Transfer.