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Editorial News


Changes to Greener Journals

We have made major improvements to Greener Journals. Improvements made are to our website, editorial process, editorial policies, Instructions for Authors and others. See more details of our improvements


Changes to our editorial process

After observing some limitations in our previous editorial processes, Greener Journals is changing its process to ensure that only quality articles are accepted and published. The process will also allow editorial quality to go hand in hand with editorial speed. Greener Journals will stick strictly to the new process for every manuscript submitted. Please visit our improved website for more information.

Greener Journals is proposing an advance review process. We call it the Greener Journal Review Model. We are making little changes to the existing review processes to achieve high quality review and increased speed. You are encouraged to experience this review model. More information can be found on our review website


Changes to the Editorial Team

As part of a measure to inculcate positive advancement to our editorial process and speed, Greener Journals is re-shuffling the editorial team for each Journal and making a re-selection of editorial team members.  We want to ensure that all editorial team members will be dedicated to the new process and will be available when contacted for editorial roles.


Vacancy for Editorial Positions

Editorial positions are open for proofreaders, language translators, reviewers and editors. Previous editorial members can re-apply if interested in the newly redefined editorial process, roles and timeliness. New persons can also apply. Previous applicants that were not selected can try again.

How to apply: Visit our website, carefully read through the content of the website especially our editorial and ethics policies, reviewer's and editor's guidelines and instruction for authors. In addition, read our new Editorial Board Practices and fill the Editorial Partnership Form online .  A CV should be attached before submitting the form.

After submitting the form, you will be contacted by our office.