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Greener Journals has begun a referrer program that allows respective partners to benefit in a number of ways from simply referring friends/contacts to the website of Greener Journals. Going with recent changes in our fees and waiver policy, we also recommend authors seeking waiver to use this platform to earn a waiver.


About our Invitation Software:

Our invitation software allows you to easily select invitees from your contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail and invites them to our website sending them a unique link that accredits you as the referrer. The software keeps you updated with the number of your invitees that have visited our website, registered on our website and the points you accumulate. The results and status of your referrer service will be clearly visible on your profile page. The software is accurate and your e-mail or social accounts are very safe when using this software. You can also copy selected contact e-mails of invitees and paste them or download your contacts as CSV to upload for invitation. You will find a black invite button on the left side of the website, below the vertical menu. It is only visible on some pages of our website including the pages listed below under the participation procedure section.


Benefits of joining this programme:


1.      Authors of manuscripts submitted to Greener Journals can get 25% - 50% waiver off our handling fee from accumulated points.

2.      Referrers can receive a cash benefit of 10USD paid into their PayPal account when one of their referred authors submits a manuscript and pays for it after acceptance. This amount will be paid as a life time benefit each time that author submits and pays for a manuscript after acceptance.

3.      Referrers can accumulate points each time a referred person registers in Greener Journal’s Website and each time a referred person clicks on the link that leads to our website. These points can accumulate to earn an author 25%-50% waiver. Read more below.

4.      Referrers can get 100% waiver off our handling fee for one manuscript if his/her referrer service leads to the submission of 5 manuscripts from referred authors. Manuscripts with plagiarism issues will be disqualified and not be counted.


Participation Procedure:

1.      The first step that must be followed to benefit from our referrer program is to register on Greener Journals. The registration will enable you get a username, profile page, referrer link and access to our referrer software. Your profile page will show the acquired and accumulated points gotten for referring others. Your referrer link is a unique link for you that lead anyone you refer to our website and our software takes account of this and accredits you as the referrer and with a point. If you have already registered in our website, you do not need to register again.

2.      Complete your profile information and take full advantage of its features – articles, blogs, biography and list of publications. This step is not compulsory but is strongly advised since our invite software allows you to invite anyone to see your profile page.  Simply inviting everyone to view your profile page can accumulate good points for you.

3.      Start invitation: You will first need to log into your account on Greener Journals website. To invite, visit the page of interest on our website and then use the invite button to invite your contacts to that page. You will find the invite button on the left, below the vertical menu. It is only visible on some pages of our website including the pages listed below:

(a) Invite your contacts to your profile page. Visit your profile page using this link: and then while on this page, use the invite button to invite others through Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. to view your page. You will find the invite button on the left, below the vertical menu. 

(b) Invite your contacts to submit their manuscripts. Visit our manuscript submission page using this link and click on the invite button. You will find this button on the left, below the vertical menu.

(c) Invite your contacts to view your article(s) published in Greener Journals. Use the html version of your published manuscript to share it with your friend. You should also copy your referrer link and add it to the message. You can also copy the link to the online abstract page of your published paper and paste it in the message.

(d) Invite your contacts to join our editorial team. Visit our partner with us page using this link: and click on the invite button on the left to invite your friends to join our editorial team.

(e) Invite your contacts to our Call for Paper page using this link: This page contains most information an invitee may be interested in. We recommend this page for invitation.

(f) Do personal invitation using your personal email account to send invitation emails to your contacts. You can also message or post your invitations on Facebook, LinkedIn etc., however, you are advised to copy and paste your referrer link directing them to use the link to visit our website. In this way, you can be accredited as the referrer.

We advise you apply all or at least one of the invitation type above especially option A and E.


Allocation of points and cash

We allocate points or cash to referrers according to the options below

1.      When an invitee referred by you clicks on your invitation link sent either via email, Facebook, Linkedin etc. This allocates 2 points to you.

2.     When an invitee registers on Greener Journals after your link leads him/her to our website, our software allocates 10 points to your online account.

3.      A total of 50 points will earn you 25% waiver off the publication of one manuscript. A total of 100 points will earn you 50% waiver off the publication of one manuscript. Accumulated points cannot earn you more than 50% waiver per manuscript. If you use your first 100 points to earn a waiver for one manuscript, you will need to gather additional 100 points to earn waiver for another paper.

4.      In addition, when your invitee logs in and submits a manuscript, an alert will be sent to your email informing you of your 10USD cash prize that will be paid to you only after the author has paid cash for the publication of the manuscript. This will continue when ever your invitee submits a manuscript. You can defer the collection of your cash prizes to benefit from option 5 below.

5.      If your invitations results in the submission of 5 manuscripts at a go or accumulated over time, you will be given 100% waiver off one of your submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts with plagiarism issues will be disqualified and not be counted.

6.  If your invitations results in the submission of 2 manuscripts from your invitee(s) you will get an automatic 50% discount on your manuscript whether you have accumulated 100 points or not.


Mode of Payment:

Cash rewards are usually sent to referrers through PayPal. Our referrers are expected to create a PayPal account using their registered email or send us the email of their PayPal account if it is different from their registered email. We cannot send payments via western union, Money Gram or bank transfers due to the high transfer fees. Only referrers in Nigeria can benefit from having their payments made locally.


Waiver and Payment Facilitation by Request:

We will not be able to keep checking the account of everyone to determine if they qualify for a waiver or payment without cause. Therefore, referrers should alert us when interested in using their points to get a waiver by sending us a waiver application and stating his/her accumulated point attained which is visible on his/her profile page. Then, our accounts department will look into the account to confirm before awarding the waiver. In the same way, even though referrers will be getting an alert for manuscripts (manuscript numbers) submitted by their referred authors, they are to request for their payments to be sent or 100% waiver to be applied when qualified. Note that we publish manuscript numbers alongside the articles that have been published eventually; hence it can easily be searched on our website to clarify any doubt.