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University/Association partnership: Greener Journals is seeking partnership with universities/ associations that intend to process the manuscripts of authors and researchers from their institutions. Manuscripts from a University partner will receive 20 percent discount on every submission. Universities can decide to submit these manuscripts from its administrative email or request its authors to submit their manuscripts. Also, scholars and staff members from university partners can easily become our editorial partners to earn extra benefits. A major feature of our website that is of immense benefit is  a special webpage that is given to every manuscript showing the step by step corrections that are made to the manuscript. This includes, grammatical corrections, review comments, response/ revision by author and more. Practically, supervisors, and universities can always demand this page link from their authors so as to supervise the work done and quality of the manuscript before it is published. The logos of our university and association partners will be displayed on our website. Universities and associations willing to partner with us can fill the University/Association Partnership Form.

Editorial Partnership: Greener Journals is willing to partner with qualified individuals who are willing to render one or more of our services. Available services for editorial partnership includes: proofreading, reviewing, editing, language translation and XML production. Presently, there are vacancies for reviewers and editors. We are also in need of XML experts. Editorial partners will derive some benefits from rendering their services. Based on prior communication with us, Editorial partners may be either be paid or they will receive some rewards. The rewards include:

1. Editors are entitled to 100% waiver for 2 (two) manuscripts monthly. Editors may or may not be authors of the manuscripts to submit. One of the manuscripts must be to submitted to the journal they have been listed as editors. An appreciation token of 10 USD is also allocated to editors from each manuscript they give a proper decision. This amount can be accumulated and used to pay off only 50 USD of their third submission or for the manuscripts of their colleagues.

2. Reviewers are entitled to an appreciation token of 25 USD or 35 USD  after properly reviewing each manuscript. These appreciation amounts can be accumulated and used to pay off only 50% of the approved fees for their own manuscripts or for manuscripts of their colleagues.  Reviewers from countries listed by the world bank as Low income and Lower middle income countries can use theirs to pay off between 75%-100% of our fees.

To apply, fill the Editorial Partnership Form and attach your C.V. Editors must be PhD holders.