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Greener Scholarly Publications IS SEEKING ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIP


Greener Scholarly Publications is an international publisher of academic journals. We operate the open access model and have been publishing since 2011.

We are currently seeking association/partnership with academic institutions or bodies and will be glad to have your hand in partnership.

Our aim for partnering is to boost the number of articles published by our journals. By partnering, we also hope to encourage your students and researcher by publishing and disseminating their articles.

We have a pool of journals that cut across different subject areas that you can choose from.


Types of partnership

We are offering three types of partnership:

  1. Full management partnership: In this partnership the university or academic body exercises about 80% control over the journal, in majorly all areas such as editorial team selection, editorial processes, submission process, charges and payment and more. However, Greener Scholarly Publications will be concerned mainly with the publication processes such as making gallery proof, formatting, DOI allocation and registration, and online publication in different formats.
  2. Partial management partnership: In this partnership, the university or academic body exercises 50% control over the journal, especially in areas such as the editorial process, editorial team selection, however, though it will fully determine the acceptance of manuscripts submitted by its students and researchers, other manuscripts submitted to the journal may be processed by Greener Scholarly Publications through other editorial board members.
  3. Regular Partnership: In this partnership, the university or academic body may be able to influence the journal properties, but is limited to waiver benefits that will be enjoyed by its authors and anyone one referred by the university or body to submit a manuscript. Greener Scholarly Publications will handle all the stages of each article.

Each type of partnership has offers and terms that will be communicated to you as soon as you indicate your interest. Each type of partnership may be limited to certain journals and can equally commence with newly suggested journal title.

You may download a form using this link and use it to indicate your interest or to guide your response.

Kindly inform whoever may be in position to act on it, as well as whoever you think may be interested in these partnerships.