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Free Professional Website

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Free Professional Website


In a bid to support researchers and scholars, and to advance their careers, we are providing a comprehensive and quality professional website free of charge. The value of this website is above 150 USD for design and setup, and above 150 USD for yearly hosting and maintenance, but we are providing it and hosting it yearly free of charge and free indeed to academicians who qualify for one of the conditions below:

1. After adding to our journal content by publishing with us or by using any of our services.

2. By Joining our editorial board and participating regularly in performing editorial duties voluntarily.

3. By voluntarily and regularly reviewing for Greener Journals.

4. If you cannot meet up with the above requirements and you are interested, then pay a one time fee of 30 USD for setup. All other features such as yearly hosting and more will be rendered freely.


We will provide such only and when it is requested or wanted by the academician. Interested persons should fill the form below to send their request.


Website Features & Sample

Here is a sample of the website

1. A total of 12 pages are freely available on the website. Additional pages will incur charges.

2. The 12 pages are dedicated to the following headings: Home, About me, Work Experience, Areas on Interest, Publications, Contact, Thesis, Editorial & Reviewership, Recognitions & Awards, Trainings & conferences, Research Projects. The academician can switch 2 or 3 of these headings with other approved headings that are relevant to him or her. 

3. We do not issue a new domain name for each person, the free website will be appended to one of our domain names, similar to how the sample website is appended to ( 

4. Blogs can be freely submitted, however, may be limited and will be selective. Blogs should be more scholarly inclined.

5. Blogs by the academician can be promoted free of charge on our websites and social platforms. This is optional, and we will be selective.

6. The social share options hovering at the side of the website can be used to promote the website or contents on social media. 


Additional Charges and Conditions

1. No charge will be applied in future for the free features listed above.

2. There is an opportunity for academicians to self-publish books, thesis, etc. on their allocated website if it does not bridge any copyright. However, this will require a fee.

3. Additional non-financial related conditions may apply for academicians that demand frequent updates or changes to the content of their website.


How to submit your contents

Use the form below to request for a website and to submit your contents. Preferably, fill up your CV with all the contents you want to be on the website and attach it to the form. You can differentiate this CV from the one you want the public to freely download.


Additional Terms 

1. We will provide such only and when it is requested or wanted by the academician. Interested persons should fill the form below to send their request.

2. The academician is solely responsible for providing the content of the websites.  

3. Our technical team will continually assist with adding the required contents to the website, publishing it and updating it.

4. Updates and changes to the content of the website demanded by the academician will be allowed once a month free of charge and will be implemented by our technical team. 

5. Abusive,  fraudulent, misleading, falsified, illegal, plagiarized and provocative contents are not permitted on the professional websites. Greener Journals has the right to pull down such websites if we deem it necessary.

6. Contents and blogs should be more scholarly based. Religious blogs or contents are not allowed. We will be selective and retain the right to reject blog with unaccepted content.

7. Greener Journals and its staff cannot be held responsible for any form of damage that may result from the use of this professional website. We cannot be sued or made to pay any liability.

8. The academician granted the website is to be held liable for any case related to abuse and damages that may result from the content of the professional website.

9. The continued availability of the professional websites online is a major objective of Greener Journals, however, if for unforeseen events or any reason, the website becomes unavailable. Greener Journals or its staff cannot be held liable.

10. The academician granted the website can request its cancellation at any time.

11. The right to the content of the website and its use solely belongs to the academician and will be respected by Greener Journals. Greener Journals will not need the content of these websites or use it without the permission of the related academician.


Request for your professional website with the form below: