A Survey of Zooplankton Community Structure in Taylor Creek, Zarama Axises, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    Alagoa et al

    Greener Journal of Biological Sciences

    Vol. 9(1), pp. 1-7, 2019

    ISSN: 2276-7762

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    DOI Link: https://doi.org/10.15580/GJBS.2019.1.010719007




    A Survey of Zooplankton Community Structure in Taylor Creek, Zarama Axises, Bayelsa State, Nigeria


    Alagoa,K.J1*, Adigwe, P2 and Daworiye, P.S3


    1Department of Biological Sciences, Niger Delta University,Amssoma, Bayelsa State.

    2Department of Science Laboratory Technology, FederalPolytechnic, Ekowe, Bayelsa State         

    3 Department of Biological Sciences, Isaac Jasper BoroCollege of Education, Sagbama, Bayelsa State.





    Article No.: 010719007

    Type: Research

    DOI: 10.15580/GJBS.2019.1.010719007



    A survey of Zooplankton community structure in Taylor Creek, Zarama axises, Bayelsa State was studied during the month of March 2018. Four (4) sampling stations reflecting different land use patterns of the adjacent catchment were selected and studied. This was done in order to determine how land use patterns affect zooplankton dynamics. Results from the study reveal the presence of seven (7) taxa represented by forty seven (49) species: Station 2 showed the highest diversity and the lowest in station 1. Simpson dominance was highest in Station 4 and lowest in Station 3. The dominance of protozoa in all stations of the creek indicates that the creek is polluted with sewage discharge. It may be concluded that inputs from land based activities affect primary productivity of the creek. Therefore action needs to be urgently taken to protect the creek ecosystem and its fishery.


    Submitted: 07/01/2019

    Accepted:  11/01/2019

    Published: 27/01/2019


    *Corresponding Author

    Alagoa, K.J

    E-mail: mrkjalagoa@ yahoo. com

    Phone: +234 8023053680



    zooplankton; Pollution; Taylor creek; zarama



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    Cite this Article: Alagoa, KJ, Adigwe, P; Daworiye, PS (2019). A Survey of Zooplankton Community Structure in Taylor Creek, Zarama Axises, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Greener Journal of Biological Sciences, 9(1): 1-7, https://doi.org/10.15580/GJBS.2019.1.010719007.



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