A Checklist of Phytoplanktonic Algae of Nyamuhinga Stream in Lake Kivu Basin (Eastern DR Congo)

    Bisimwa et al

    Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 6 (4), pp. 068-078, August 2016.

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    Research Paper

    Manuscript Number: 061016103

    (DOI: https://doi.org/10.15580/GJBS.2016.4.061016103)


    A Checklist of Phytoplanktonic Algae of Nyamuhinga Stream in Lake Kivu Basin (Eastern DR Congo)


    *1Bisimwa Mubwebwe Arthur, 2Ombeni Shamba Espoir,

    2Munundu Mangaza Aline, 2Irenge Bayubasire Emmanuel,

    3Cishugi Balagizi Janvier and 2Cubaka Kabagale Alfred


    1Limnology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles de Lwiro (CRSN-Lwiro), D.S. Bukavu/DR Congo.

    2Vegetable Physiology and Apply Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences and Applied Sciences, Université Officielle de Bukavu (UOB), PO Box. 570 Bukavu, DR Congo.

    3Biology Department, Section of Exact Science, Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de Kinyatsi (ISP-Kinyatsi), .PO Box.


    The phytoplankton diversity of Nyamuhinga stream was investigated at the first time from January to December 2014. It recorded a total of 135 species, belonging to four major divisions namely: Bacillariophyta (49.6%), Chlorophyta (21.5%), Cyanophyta (20.7%) and Pyrrophyta (8.2%). Comparatively, a higher number of species was recorded in the dry than in the wet season. Sixteen species of Bacillariophyta were reported during the all period of the sampling dominated quantitatively by Achnanthes lanceolata, Cyclotella kützingiana, Cyclotella meneghiniana, Cyclotella stelligera, Cymbella grossestriata, Diatoma elongatum, Diatoma vulgare, Fragilaria crotonensis, Gomphonema brunii, Gomphocymbella brunii, Navicula cocconeiformis, Nitzschia acicularis and Nitzschia pelagica. Seven species of Chlorophyta and five of Pyrrophyta were reported, but respectively dominated quantitatively by Ankistrodesmus falcatus, Cladophora rupestris, Cosmarium austral, Staurastrum dickiei, Euglena granulate and Peridinum inconspicuum. The paucity of phytoplankton composition in Nyamuhanga stream could be partly due to the poor light penetration into highly turbid water mostly in wet season.  


    Keywords: Phytoplankton species, Community structure, Nyamuhinga stream, Season, Lake Kivu basin.

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