Successful Career planning-5 modern skills you must perfect to succeed at work


Every year, more and more people are graduating to enter into the work pool. According to Forbes, in 2018, India had over 78 million graduates, while China and the US had 77.7 million and 67.4 million, respectively.

As the number of people seeking jobs as well as promotions increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out. Hence, succeeding at work is no longer synonymous with getting the highest degree you can. You must also learn and adapt to your surroundings. A great way to do so is by acquiring relevant modern skills.

According to research conducted by Udemy, over 80 percent of Americans agree that there is a prevalent skill gap in the corporate world. Hence, by having the skills that employers seek, you can ensure your success.

Here are vital skills you must perfect if you wish to succeed and grow in your organization.

1.      Written communication


It is easy to underestimate the importance of written communication skills. But, you will be surprised to know that over 73 percent of employers want their employees to have strong written communication skills.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, written communication is the third most desired quality in employees.

Compared to its need, most employees lack this skill. And this acts as a significant obstacle in business growth. Not only this, poor writing skills, when showcased in front of customers and third-parties, can end up negatively affecting the perception of your organization.

Why is written communication such an important skill to have?

There are two major reasons for this. Firstly, a lot of communication internally and externally is done via emails and memos. If you don’t have sound communication skills, you might end up offending people, or worse, not coherently getting your message across.

Secondly, being a good writer says a lot about your thought process and analytical skills. It showcases your ability to think clearly. Regardless of which field you are in, clear thinking is essential for understanding and realizing your goals.

2.      Ability to learn and relearn

The world of today is starkly different than that of a few decades ago. There was a time when the same routine and practices were followed for years. As an employee, you were expected to learn how to do your job and follow the same routine until you retire.

But now, the world has changed considerably. Ever since we witnessed the technological and digital revolution, disruptive innovations have made it quite hard to stick to old-school tried and tested methods of doing things.

Instead, you are required to continually abandon old practices, adapt to new ones, and learn them. If you don’t, you get left behind.

And many companies did learn this lesson the hard way. Whether it be Kodak or Nokia, people have paid the price of sticking to old skills and refusing to learn new ones.

As an employee, you must never make this mistake. Yet, learnability is not an easy skill to acquire. This is because humans don’t like change. We try our best to resist it. Once we learn something, we wish to follow it for as long as possible so that we don’t have to leave our comfort zone.

This is why learnability is a challenging skill to acquire. But it is an essential skill to have! If you cannot learn, unlearn and then relearn how to do things, you won’t be able to climb the corporate ladder as fast as you want to.

3.      Entrepreneurship


According to SmallBizGenius, there are over 585 million entrepreneurs in the world. As per SBA, in the US alone, there are 30.2 million small businesses!

Entrepreneurship is not just a career path. It is a skill that even big multinational corporations want you to have. The theories followed by entrepreneurs are not the same as those learned by regular business graduates.

For starters, while business graduates are taught to find the financial feasibility of businesses and pool in a huge sum of money to launch any new product, entrepreneurs believe in using the resources they have at hand to take a shot at creating something magnificent. This calculated risk-taking is the reason why many small businesses fail.

Yet, such experiences do make individuals resilient and intuitive leaders who are not afraid of taking challenges. And this is precisely the type of employee any company would want.

Regardless of what your field of study is, get an MBA in entrepreneurship to get the perfect combination of technical and corporate skills.

4.      Collaboration

Gone are the days when different departments of the organization didn’t have to collaborate and work with one another. Previously, unless you were high up on the ladder, you didn’t necessarily have to mingle with other departments.

But now, the corporate world has become increasingly hyper-connected. You can no longer work in isolation and expect to achieve your goals. As projects become more and more complex, the need for cross-functional teams has increased.

So, from early on, you will be expected to work with others. You will be judged on your ability to share knowledge, the ability to collaborate and contribute to team discussions.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you will have to alter your personality in the workplace. Make sure you work cohesively with others to validate that you achieve your KPIs. Only then can you succeed.

5.      Technical Capabilities

Technology is ever-changing. Just when you think you have mastered it all, the world comes up with yet another tool that you are required to learn.

Hence, acquiring technical skills has become a continuous process. There is no end to it. To keep succeeding in the modern workplace, make sure you are well-versed on all the different technical skills relevant to your field.


For instance, in marketing, now you are required to have a basic understanding of analytics and big data for making an informed decision. In finance, you need to know how to use Oracle and ERP. In IT, learning new languages should always be on your to-do list.

You are ready to be successful!

Perfect these five skills, and you will be ready to stand out in your workplace. That promotion is yours to take!

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