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Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2022

Table of content: Vol 9(1), 2022

This issue is in progress and still receiving papers, ready articles will be published daily in this issue until December. 




Bisalla, AM; Ibrahim, CF

Diversifying Nigeria's Economy through Visual Arts for Sustainable Development.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP   pp. 1-4


Davou, SY; Egemba, OH; Kufre, I

A Probing Order for the Promotion of National Peace in the Contextual Analytical Structure of the Musical Piece "Oh Plateau".

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLPHPEPUB   pp. 5-16


Davou, SY; Davou, DP

Burial Rites Among the Berom People: Focus on Gyel Traditional Burial System and Related Issues.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLPHPEPUB   pp. 17-28


Ukaegbu, MI; Prince, OA; Micah, P

The Roles of Mass Media in Promoting Anti-Corruption Campaign on Elections and Vote Buying in Nigeria.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLPHPEPUB   pp. 29-35


Afolabi, J.A

Plot as an invaluable Accoutrement of Dramaturgy.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLPHPEPUB   pp. 36-43


Olisaeke, FI; Olisaeke, LC

Fostering Music and Childhood Education in Pankshin Central of Plateau State Nigeria: Towards Aesthetic Symbiotic Fusion That Engenders Holistic Learning.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLPHPEPUB   pp. 44-50



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