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Greener Journal of  Business and Management Studies  Vol. 8 (2), pp. 010-017, 2018

 ISSN: 2276-7827 

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Manuscript Number: 072718106



An Analysis of the Linkages in the Fresh Milk Chain of Viet Nam



TRAN Mai Phuong, TRAN Huu Cuong, BUI Thi Nga


Faculty of Accounting and Business Management, Vietnam National University of Agriculture.


The dairy sector is a potential economic sector of Vietnam. However, it is facing some difficulties both in the milk’s quality and quantity. One of the reason is the loosened linkages among actors and stakeholders in the fresh milk chain. Due to the differences in geographical, climatic and socioeconmic conditions, the state of these linkages vary among regions. This study aims to analyze, evaluate and compare the linkages among actors and stakeholders in the fresh milk chain in some important milk producing regions of Vietnam. Two chosen sites are in favorable conditions for dairy farming are Son La Province and Lam Dong province; and two sites having less favorable conditions namely Ha Nam, Ho Chi Minh City are chosen. Data was collected from questionaire surveys distributed to 40 famers in each study site. The results have shown that the linkages in Son La Province seem to be the strongest because of the favorable climate conditions and longer experience in cattle raising of dairy farmers. Despite the favorability of climate condition, the linkages in Lam Dong are still loose. Linkages in Lam Dong are even looser than those in Ho Chi Minh city, which is an unfavorable area. Linkages in Ha Nam are likely to be the most loosened among four study sites. Linkages between dairy farmers and some types of stakeholders are quite tenuous. It is recommended for all actors and stakeholders to enhance the strengths of the fresh milk chain: Dairy farmers should be more actively join in the chain, dairy plants – the most powerful actors in the chain, should be more supportive in terms of providing loan, technique and traninng etc., and last but not least, it is the more intense of stakeholders’ involvement in the fresh milk chain.

Keywords: dairy farmer, milk chain, linkage, actor, stakeholder

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