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Ige et al

Greener Journal of  Medical Sciences Vol. 2 (3), pp. 070-076, June 2012

 ISSN: 2276-7797 

Research Paper

Sexual Risk Behaviours among Young People with Adverse Childhood Experiences in Ibadan, Nigeria.


Ige Olusimbo Kehinde1, Ilesanmi Olayinka Stephen*1 

and Adebayo Ayodeji Matthew2


1Department of Community Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria

2Department of Community Health, Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Nigeria


*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: ileolasteve@ yahoo.


This study aimed to examine the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and sexual risk behaviours and sexual re-victimization among young people. A cross-sectional survey of 347 young people residing in a low socioeconomic urban community in Ibadan, Nigeria was conducted. Predictors of sexual risk behaviour and sexual re-victimization after the age of 16 years were determined with logistic regression analysis. At least one form of adverse experience was reported by all respondents. The order of occurrence was: physical neglect (98%), emotional abuse (38.3%), physical abuse (35.7%) and sexual abuse (29.1%) and emotional neglect (28.8%). In all, 15.0% reported at least one risky sexual behaviour. The risk factors for sexual risk behaviours were: age ≥20 years [OR: 9.8 (3.8- 25.6)], lack of family connectedness [OR: 4.2(1.5-11.6)] and history of child sexual abuse [OR: 6.9(3.5-14.1)].The odds of sexual risk behaviour increased by 2.3(1.7-3.2) with each additional ACE reported. Child sexual abuse [OR 12.1(4.4-32.7] was the only risk factor for sexual re-victimization. Our findings support the evidence of the interrelatedness of child sexual abuse, lack of parental connectedness and subsequent sexual risk behaviour particularly with increasing age. A cycle of sexual re-victimisation was also identified. These suggest preventive targets for victimised children.
Keywords: adverse childhood experiences; sexual behaviours; sexual re-victimization; young people; Nigeria

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