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Oguwike et al

Greener Journal of  Medical Sciences Vol. 8 (4), pp. 057-060, August 2018.

 ISSN: 2276-7797  

Research Article

Manuscript Number: 071618097



Comparative Study of the Microfloral of the Oral Cavity in Sick and Healthy Adults in Enugu State




Oguwike F.N1, Nwobodo H.A2, Emenuga V. N3, Offor C.C4, Ifedi I. C1, Igwedibia C.P1, Dim C.N1

Oguwike E.R.C1



Department of Physiology Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Uli.

Department of Medical Lab. Sciences, Enugu State University Enugu.

Department of Basic Medical Lab. Sciences, Faculty of Health Science And Technology University Of Nigeria Enugu.

Department of Medical Biochemistry Faculty of Basic Medical Services, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Uli.


Twenty eight adults were used for this comparative study of the microbial flora of the oral cavity in sick and healthy persons. Of this number, eight were confirmed typhoid subjects while the rest were confirmed healthy subjects used as control. Oral swab specimens were cultivated in nutrient agar, mackonkey agar and in sabroid agar, gram staining, total viable count of colonies, fungal types and ratios of cell types were performed with the organism carefully isolated from four different parts of the mouth of the subjects.     

The results obtained from the mouth of the subjects with typhoid disease when compared with control subjects showed that the typhoid subjects had reduction in total viable count of colonies (106 org/ field in the teeth, gum and saliva). The gram reaction of most of the bacteria were positive. The only fungal type isolated is candida albicans. There is also reduction in the cell type(gram positive cocci and gram negative rods to gram negative rod).it is therefore concluded that typhoid disease affects the bacterial concentration of the buccal cavity.

Keywords: Oral cavity, bacteria, typhoid, healthy person’s culture, organism’s bacteria counts.

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