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Ohenhen et al


Greener Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 10(1), pp. 20-27, 2020

ISSN: 2276-7797

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Ectopic Pregnancy: A 5-year Review at Central Hospital, Benin City



Ohenhen Victor1; Ovenseri Christopher Osahenrumwen2; Enobakhare Egbe3



1 Department of Obstetrics, Central Hospital, Benin City.

Email : victorohenhen@ gmail. com GSM: 08033780623 – Corresponding author.

2 Department of Obstetrics, Central Hospital, Benin City.

Email: obasochris@ gmail. com GSM: 07038686827- Co-author.

3 Department of Family Medicine, Central Hospital, Benin City.

Email: egberella@ gmail. com  GSM: 08034687502 -Co-author.






Article No.: 060920078

Type: Research



Ectopic Pregnancy is a common life-threatening gynaecologic emergency and a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality in Nigeria.


Objective: To determine the prevalence, clinical presentation, risk factors and management outcomes of ectopic pregnancy in a secondary health facility.


Method: A retrospective study of all cases of ectopic pregnancy managed at Central Hospital from January 2014 to December 2018 was conducted. Data Collected with the aid of data entry forms designed for the purpose were analyzed using Statistical Package, SPSS 20.


Results: There were 3406 gynaecologic admissions with 233 cases of ectopic pregnancies managed. However 81 case notes were retrieved and were used in the final analysis. The mean age of patient was 32 .0 (14.5%) years while the mean gestational age at presentation was 8.5 weeks. Previous induced abortion 33(51.6%) was the commonest associated risk factor followed by pelvic infections 20 (31.3%). Majority presented with abdominal pain 61 (95.3%) and most of the cases had surgery 64(79.0%). There was no maternal death.


Conclusion: Ectopic Pregnancy has remained an important gynaecologic condition in our centre. The Common identifiable risk factors were induced abortion and pelvic infection. Early first trimester transvaginal ultrasound scan should be offered to all women with early pregnancy complications for early diagnosis and prompt treatment.


Accepted:  11/06/2020

Published: 27/06/2020


*Corresponding Author

Ohenhen Victor

E-mail: victorohenhen@

Phone: 08033780623



Ectopic gestation; Maternal Mortality; Maternal Morbidity; abortion






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Cite this Article: Ohenhen V; Ovenseri CO; Enobakhare E (2020). Ectopic Pregnancy: A 5-year Review at Central Hospital, Benin City. Greener Journal of Medical Sciences, 10(1): 20-27.


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