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Eli et al

Greener Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 11(1), pp. 106-108 2021

ISSN: 2276-7797

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‘Abdominal Massage’, Abruptio Placenta, Intra-Uterine Fetal Death at Term in an Unbooked Mother: A Case Report.



Eli S1, Kalio DGB2, Briggs NCT3, Owhonda G3, Omodu JO4



Mother and Baby Care Global Foundation.1

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.2

Department of Community Medicine, Rivers State University.3

Department of Surgery, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.4






Article No.: 070821063

Type: Case Report



This case report is that of Mrs N.P 28-year old unbooked Gravida 3Para2 (all alive) at 37 weeks of gestation. She was married to a plumber with primary level of education with no steady income. Her previous deliveries were in the home of a traditional birth attendant. She presented with complaints of severe abdominal pains, bleeding par vaginam and absence of fetal kicks all of 6 hours duration following ‘abdominal massage’ from the home of a TBA who attempted to turn to breech presenting fetus to cephalic. On examination she had an enlarged abdomen compatible with term pregnancy, woody hard and tender, the lie and presentations were difficult to ascertain. A clinical diagnosis of Ante-partum haemorrhage was made secondary to abruption placenta. Obstetric ultra-sound revealed an intra-uterine fetal death at term, with features of abruption placenta. She was resuscitated, counselled for an emergency caesarean section. She was resuscitated with 2 units of blood. Finding at surgery was a fresh still born female baby birth weight 3.0 kg. The estimated blood loss was 1.2 Litres. She had 2 unit s of blood transfused intra-operatively and 2 units post-operatively. Her post-operative period was uneventful. Abdominal massage is common in this part of the world with its adverse effect to the mother and baby. Most patients with this occurrence present late. Prompt diagnosis of the associated morbidities should be referred early to prevent maternal and perinatal mortality.



Accepted:  08/07/2021

Published: 12/07/2021


*Corresponding Author





abdominal; massage; abruption; placenta; fetal death.




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Cite this Article: Eli S; Kalio DGB; Briggs, NCT, Owhonda, G; Omodu, JO (2021). ‘Abdominal Massage’, Abruptio Placenta, Intra-Uterine Fetal Death at Term in an Unbooked Mother: A Case Report. Greener Journal of Medical Sciences, 11(1): 106-108.



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