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Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022

Table of Contents: Vol. 12(1), 2022

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Ebede, SO; Emenuga, VN; Nwobodo, HA; Imanyikwa OEI; Offor, CC; Usige, E; Oguwike, RC; Oguwike, FN; Okeke, JC

Evaluation of Bacterial Contaminants of over Riped Pear (Dacryodes edulis) and Their Effect in the Gastrointestinal System of Children.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]  pp. 1-5

Ozele, KC; Ozele, N

Anaemia in Pregnancy and Malaria Parasitaemia in Women at Delivery after 2 Doses of Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine Combination in Jos.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 6-24

Ozele, KC; Ozele, N

Mother -To -Child Transmission of Hepatitis B in Jos Metropolis.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 25-40

Ozele, KC; Ozele, N

Sero Susceptibility Survey of Rubella Infection among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Jos.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 41-58

Oghenekaro, EN; Onotai, LO; Oparaodu, UA

Surgical Review and Clinico-Pathologic Profile of Nasal Polyps in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 59-62

Anyanwu, CE; Ugwu, AC; Ugwuanyi, DC; Maduka, BU; Robinson, ED

Objective Structured Clinical Examination: An Evaluation of Radiography Students’ Perception and Preference.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 63-73

Eli, S; Abam, DS; Josiah, A; Alex-Hart, BA; Joboy-Okei, EA

Child Sexual Abuse: Report of 2-Cases.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 74-76

Lawson, SD; Owhonda, GC; Ojum, S; Davies, S; Adebiyi, O; Nnokam, BA; Chisor-Wabali, N; Somiari, A; Ajunwa, CC; Alali, AA

Exploring Admitted Covid-19 Patients Perception and Quality of Care at a Treatment center in Rivers State.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 77-83

Ifeanyi VI; Ejidike, EG; Ugwu, EI

Assessment of the Use of Safety Eye-Glass Wear among Welders in Abakaliki Metropolis, Ebonyi State of Nigeria.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]  pp. 84-90

Nweke, EO; Elemuo, S; Usige, E; Offor, C; Igwedibia, P; Ifedi, I; Okeke, JC; Oguwike, FN; Oguwike RC; Oguwike, ER

Histological and Haemostatic Effect of Aqueous Extract of Lycopersicon Esculentum (Tomatoes) On Wound Healing and Liver Cells of Male Albino Wistar Rats.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 91-95

Etawo, US; Aleme, BM

Evaluation of Thyroid Function in Normal, Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Subjects attending University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 96-102

Etawo, US; Aleme, BM

Effect of Insulin Resistance on Platelet Counts in Normal, Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Human Subjects.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 103-108

Ikenga, VO; Oparaodu, UA

Otorhinolaryngological Care in the Geriatric Population in Port Harcourt South-South Nigeria.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 109-111

Oparaodu, UA; Jack, I; Ikenga, VO; Kue, D

Multidisciplinary Approach to Cut Throat Injury: Case Report.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 112-115

Owhonda G; Nnoka VN; Eli S; Ikenga VO; Wekere FCC; Emeghara GI; Tee GP

Prevalence of COVID–19/HIV-Positive Patients in an Isolation Center in Rivers State, Southern Nigeria.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 116-122

Eli, S; Elenwo, SN; Aaron, FE; Nonye-Enyidah, E; Oparaodu, UA; Pepple, DKO; Iyama, AC; Nnoka, VN; Tee, GP; Emeghara, GI

Prevalence of Pre-operative Anaemia and Associated Blood Transfusion in Surgical Patients at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 123-127

Eli, S; Eli-Ebi, S; Nonye-Eyindah, E; Aguwe, ND; Nnoka, V; Owhonda, G; Emeghara, GI; Tee GP

Pre-teenage Pregnancy Emergency Caesarean Section at Term following CPD in labour: A Case Report.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 128-130

Akani, CI; John, CO; Korubo, I; Omoruyi, S; Eli, S; Akani, UE; Olaka, EW

Bicornuate Uterus With Multiple Uterine Fibroids, Metroplasty and Myomectomy; Case Profile and Literature Review.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, EPUB, PHP]   pp. 131-142

Akani, CI; Ogu, RM; John, CO; Nwafor, E; Amadi, SC

Cardiogenic Shock in a Patureint with Mitral Valve Prosthesis “Case Report and Literature Review”.

[Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 143-144


        Ikegwuonu, NC; Nzotta, CC; Anyanwu, CE; Okpaleke, MS

          Assessment of Ultrasound Quality Control Practices in Anambra State, Southeast, Nigeria.

        [Abstract]  [Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP]   pp. 145-150


        Usige, E; Nweke, EO; Elemuo, S; Okeke, JC; Dim, NI; Igwedibia, P; Oguwike, FN; Oguwike, ER; Ukekwe, FI

          Histological and Haemostatic Activities of Aqueous Extract of Aloe Vera in the Liver Cells of Male Albino Wistar Rats.

        [Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB  pp. 151-155


        Okagua KE; Okagua J; Eli S; Eke CM

          Acrania: Report of a Rare Congenital Malformation.

        [Abstract]  [Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB  pp. 156-160


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