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Greener Journal of Social Sciences

Vol. 10(1), pp. 17-20, 2020

ISSN: 2276-7800

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A Practical and Original Guide to African Unity



Joseph Kijem Yuh



Senior Translator, Central Bureau for Censuses and Population Studies (BUCREP), Yaounde – Cameroon, and Human Rights Consultant.






Article No.: 01152009

Type: Short Comm.



Nowadays, the notion of emergence and development is in vogue. In almost all domains of life, humanity is striving to emerge or improve upon existing living conditions. Some States which are lagging behind in the realm of emergence and development are endeavouring to breach the gap between them and the developed States. Conversely, some States are behaving as if retrogression is the order of the day in their daily activities. This is obviously the case with African States.

It is in this light that I feel that there should be a radical or revolutionary approach to the notion of emergence and development in these States. This radical or revolutionary approach is a pragmatic or practical journey to a genuine unity and solidarity within the framework of a powerful federal republic involving all existing African States.

The said pragmatic move basically involves almost all the social units and activities of the society, namely, the family, peer groups, educational institutions, religious institutions, socio-cultural groups, political parties, non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, sporting groups, musical activities, etc. In a nutshell, for Africa to unite concretely, there must be a massive mobilization at this grassroots level within these institutions and activities.


Accepted:  17/01/2020

Published: 30/05/2020


*Corresponding Author

Joseph Kijem

E-mail: yuh750@



Africa; unity; development







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Cite this Article: Kijem Yuh, J (2020). A Practical and Original Guide to African Unity. Greener Journal of Social Sciences, 10(1): 17-20.


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