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Greener Journal of Social Sciences

Vol. 9(2), pp. 63-67, 2019

ISSN: 2276-7800

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“Inter-Group Relations and Sustenance of Peace in Northern Nigeria”: Igbo and Yoruba Communities in Sokoto Metropolis


Shehu Hashimu


Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto





Article No.: 020617016

Type: Review Article


The historiography of Northern Nigerian cities in contemporary times has reveal contributions and continued impacts of migrant communities (settlers as the case may be) to their developments of host community. No group can be treated in isolation of the other. The fact is that neither possible nor realistic for any community to ignore the imperative of its neighbors. The socio-economic development of any given society depend solely on the existence and relationship with the others, whether friendly or hostile (i.e. in a peaceful or conflict manner). It is against this background that this paper intended to examine the conceptual issue of inter-group relation. In this paper, an attempt was made in Sokoto being the center of learning of the Caliphate why it accommodates mass movement of varying geographical ethnic groups in the city. The good relationship and peaceful co- exist among settlers and host is part of the deep discussion of the paper.


Submitted: 06/02/2019

Accepted:  09/02/2019

Published: 22/12/2019


*Corresponding Author

Shehu Hashimu

E-mail: shehuhashimu67@

Phone: +2348064441477



Inter-Group Relation; Sustenance of Peace; Igbo; Yoruba; Sokoto Metropolis




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