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Maposa and Chisango

Greener Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare Vol. 2 (1), pp. 001-009, April 2016.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 030316053



Anxiety over "When" and/or "If" They Will Complete their Education: The Case of Siabuwa and Chipale School-Clusters in Binga District


*1Maposa A & 2Chisango FFT


1senior lecturer faculty of arts and education, Zimbabwe open university, Zimbabwe

2senior lecturer faculty of agriculture, Zimbabwe open university, Zimbabwe.


This paper investigated factors which contributed to causes of dropouts in all the schools which fell under the cluster in Binga South Circuit. The Descriptive survey method was employed and data was collected through tools like face to face questionnaires, guided interviews and perusal of documents among the reasons for dropouts financial constraints, socio-economic status, unsupportive child- rearing practises and long distances between home(s) and school(s). The age expertise and performance of instructional leaders (i. e the teachers) played a vital role in influencing the dropout rates. The Public Service Commission continues to work hard to get rid of untrained teachers. Unfortunately, there are schools which still have teachers awaiting training and /or unsuitably qualified teachers Degree holders of almost all disciplines have found a safe haven in schools due to lake of employment, worse still some such teachers were acting school heads. It is most likely that teachers do not get the best service from their “learned teachers”. Findings of the study made it possible for the researcher to present appropriate recommendations.


Key Words: Education (primary and secondary), circuit, investment, occupation, human resources, supervision, equity and equality.

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