Article processing fee

Why do we Charge a Publication Fee?
To cover the following:
Publication expenses,
Website Maintenance,
Journal and article Indexing,
Provision of the Soft Copy to author(s),
Sourcing for and adopting newer technologies,
Editorial fee,
Lifetime support,
Article Archiving,
and others.

What is the publication Fee?

100 USD for all our journals. 


Partial waiver can be applied on request, but inform us on or before  submission, otherwise it may not be granted after acceptance. All waiver applications should be directed to the account office through the email: or

Methods of Payment

1. Online, using a credit or debit card. Authors are advised to use this method of payment to avoid paying large transfer fees that are common with the other methods below. Our online payment system accepts even debit cards that are issued from local banks. Authors without a debit card may ask a friend that owns a credit or debit card to pay on their behalf.
2. Paypal 
3. Western Union.
4. Bank Transfer.


An invoice can be prepared for authors/organizations who require it to process their payments. Please request for one if you need one before payment.