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Kant et al

Greener Journal of  Educational Research Vol. 8(6), pp. 137-142, August 2018

 ISSN: 2276-7789

Research Article

Manuscript Number: 080818113




Knowledge of Internet and its Applications: A Survey of Secondary Students in Bihar



Dr. Ravi Kant



Associate Professor, School of Education, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, India.


Universalization of Internet has some usefulness for everyone. It has been perhaps the most amazing and miraculous innovation in the field of communication. Information dissemination is probably the biggest achievement of Internet. Now internet has paved in our daily life for almost all our needs. Students are among the beneficiaries who surf the Internet for the purpose of gathering information. Hence an attempt has been made to study the knowledge of Internet use among college students. A Sample of 170 students of Darbhanga was used in this study. The result shows that gender and age were not statistically significant over the knowledge of internet and also about its application. Language has also nothing to play with regard to knowledge of internet and its application but there is a significant difference in the knowledge of Internet of Urdu medium student. English medium students were high gainer in knowledge of internet and in using of applications. Male and female students were not significantly different but male students have more knowledge about Internet and its applications.

Keywords: Knowledge, Internet, Applications, College students

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