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Greener Journal of Educational Research

Vol. 11(1), pp. 24-32, 2021

ISSN: 2276-7789

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The Influence of Culture on the Educational Achievement of Adolescent Girls in Lebialem Division



Efuetngwa, Diana Fobellah



Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College (H.T.T.T.C) Kumba. University of Buea, Cameroon.






Article No.: 041821040

Type: Research



This paper investigates the relationship between culture and adolescent girls, Educational achievements in Lebialem Division of the South West Region of Cameroon. Specifically, the study focuses on cultural practices, early marriage and their impact on the Educational achievements of adolescent girls. The sample comprised 652 adolescents selected from nine secondary schools in Lebialem Division. Data collected were subjected to the descriptive and inferential statistical analysis using the statistical package for the social science (SPSS). The findings revealed that “There is a significant relationship between culture and adolescent girls’ Educational achievements. Based on this finding, some recommendations were made. The society at large should revive its obnoxious stereotypes and understand that the world is evolving with many more challenges. The woman has to be part of the team to face the challenges. For this reason, the “Nweh” people should reconcile their culture and socialization with learning and give both the girl/boy child equal opportunities. If the 2035 vision has to be met, the society must start accepting females can do what was hither-to believed to be done only by males. This can only be possible by a change in mentality.


Accepted:  23/04/2021

Published: 07/06/2021


*Corresponding Author

Efuetngwa Diana Fobellah

E-mail: takudiana@ yahoo. com



Culture; Early Marriage; Educational Achievement; Adolescent Girls




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Cite this Article: Efuetngwa, DF (2021). The Influence of Culture on the Educational Achievement of Adolescent Girls in Lebialem Division. Greener Journal of Educational Research, 11(1): 24-32.


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