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Adeosun et al

Greener Journal of Education and Training Studies Vol. 4 (1), pp. 001-009, 2018.

  ISSN: 2354-225X 

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 041118057



Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Vocational Teachers in Oyo State, Nigeria



1ADEOSUN Ayodele Olayinka, 

2ADEYEMO Ayuba Olabode, 3ADELOWO Gbenga Edward



1Agricultural Science Education Department, School of Vocational and Technical Education

College of Education, Lanlate, Nigeria.

2Curriculum and Instruction Department School of Education, College of Education, Lanlate, Nigeria.

3Fine and Applied Arts Department, School of Vocational and Technical Education College of Education, Lanlate, Nigeria.


Investigating the job satisfaction level of workers is essential as it is an important element that can affect the total operation or production of any organization. This study determines factors affecting job satisfaction among vocational teachers in Ibarapa Central local government area of Oyo State using structured questionnaire. A total of 336 respondents were randomly selected within the study area. The findings show that majority (54%) were male with most of the respondents within the age range of 41-50 years.  High proportion of the respondents possesses B, Sc. /B. Ed (50.3%) while majority were married with working experience of between 11 and 15 years. It was also seen that teachers in the area were satisfied with their job. However, it was revealed that factors like job security, salary, promotion opportunities and appraisal by supervisor were motivating factors determining job satisfaction.

Keywords: Job satisfaction, vocational teacher


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