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Manuscripts should be submitted as an email attachment to or


Submitted manuscripts should conform to the requirements of GJOMS. Therefore, authors should endeavor to read the Editorial PoliciesEthics policies and Instructions for Authors before submitting a manuscript to our editorial office. Also make sure the following guidelines are met: 


1. Ensure that the work has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, review or thesis),

2. ensure that the manuscript is not currently being processed elsewhere,

3. ensure there is no breach of any copyright by submitting it for publication,

4. ensure that the submission and publication has been agreed on by all co-authors and responsible authorities,

5. ensure there is no default in ethical standard,

6. ensure the manuscript follows the prescription in our Instructions for Authors.


In addition, the accurate contact information of all authors (Surname, other names in full, affiliation, email for each author, and a phone number) should be available on the manuscript. Disclosure of conflicts of interest should also be available in the manuscript.


Acceptable file formats: Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX) or Rich text format (RTF).

Accepted Languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin, Mexican, German, Arabic, Brazilian, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Turkish, African Indigenous Languages.

Note, articles in other languages should include an English version of the title and abstract only. Our Editorial office may assist in translating the title and abstract to English.

Suggested Reviewers: The authors can suggest two to four reviewers for the manuscript (although, we may assign other reviewers). 

See the Authors Instructions for more information.

The Publication Process

Step 1. Acknowledgment of the submitted article and issue of manuscript number to the corresponding author.

Step 2. A short review of the article follows, where an editorial member checks the paper against the Authors Guidelines, performs a plagiarism check, as well as edits the paper. We will provide at least two peer-review comments by international reviewers at this stage if requested by the author, but goes with an additional cost of 20 USD to facilitate and quicken the process within 7 - 14 days.

Step 3. Revision by the author (if required), acceptance, payment and publication.  

Step 4. The Post-Review Process begins. The authors and our editorial office will jointly solicit for peer reviewers to provide post-review comments for the published paper.

Step 5. The author is free to send a revised paper to replace the original copy at any time at no extra cost.

Note: Papers are not rejected but they undergo post-review that confirms the quality of each paper, except for those with plagiarism and ethical issues that unfold in step 2, if the authors do not rectify such issues, the paper will be rejected. Our editorial office will monitor the post-review status of papers tirelessly to ensure that published papers are at their best.


Peer Review

All manuscripts submitted to our editorial office go through a peer-review process that ensures a manuscript is fit and presentable. We require that individuals who are highly competent and recognized in the particular field of the submitted paper review each manuscript. Our editorial office conducts a double blind Pre-publication Peer review process and a open post-publication peer review Process.


The Peer Review  Process

Pre-publication Review: On request by the author, the editorial office team will contact those reviewers that have been identified as qualified and the reviewers that may be recommended by the authors. Once potential reviewers agree to read a manuscript, they are given a period to complete the review.

When the reviews are completed, the reviewers’ comments are sent to the author(s) for adequate revision. The author(s) will submit a final version of the manuscript for publication.

Post-publication Review: Published papers are given a post review page that shows the post-review rundown of the article. It will show the post-review comments that have been provided by reviewers and the author's response/revision. The authors and editorial office will jointly solicit for reviewers that are qualified to provide post-review comments on the already published papers. This will provide additional boost to the paper's quality. Once potential reviewers agree to read a manuscript, they are given a convenient period to complete the review. Their review comments are openly available on the post review page for the authors and public to view. The authors can react to the comment, make revisions and submit a revised copy of the article to replace the original one.

Call for Papers/Books/Thesis

Call for Scholarly Articles

Authors from around the world are invited to send scholary articles that suits the scope of this journal. The journal is currently open to submissions and will process and publish articles monthly in two yearly issues.

The journal is centered on quality and goes about its processes in a very timely fashion. Seasoned editors/reviewers will be consulted to review each article(s), profer quality evaluations and polish the articles with expertise before publication.

Simply send your article(s) as an e-mail attachment to or

Call for Books

You are also invited to submit your books for online or print publication. We publish books related to all academic subject areas.    Submit as an e-mail attachment to

Call for Thesis



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