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Submit Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted by filling and submitting the online submission form. Authors are required to sign up and sign in to be granted permission to access this form.

Submitted manuscripts should conform to the requirements of Greener Journals. Therefore, authors should endeavor to read our Editorial Policies, Ethics policies and Instructions for Authors before submitting a manuscript to our editorial office. Also make sure the following guidelines are met: 


1.  Ensure that the work has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, review or thesis),

2.   ensure that the manuscript is not currently being processed elsewhere,

3.   ensure that duplicate submission is not made within Greener Journals,

4.   ensure there is no breach of any copyright by submitting it for publication,

5.  ensure that the submission and publication has been agreed on by all co-authors and responsible authorities,

6.   ensure there is no default in ethical standard,

7.   ensure the manuscript follows the prescription in our Instructions for Authors,

8.   footnotes are not allowed.

In addition, the accurate contact information of all authors (Surname, other names in full, affiliation, email for each author, and a phone number) should be available on the manuscript. Disclosure of conflicts of interest should also be available in the manuscript.


Acceptable file formats: Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX) or Rich text format (RTF).

Language of submission: Manuscripts should be submitted mainly in English language. We also accept other languages, however, the author will pay a fee to have the manuscript translated into English before processing.

Suggested Reviewers: The authors may also suggest two to four reviewers for the manuscript (GJ may assign other reviewers). 

See the Authors Instructions for more information.