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Ozele and Ozele

By Ozele, KC; Ozele, N (2022).

Greener Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 12(1), pp. 25-40, 2022

ISSN: 2276-7797

Copyright ©2022, the copyright of this article is retained by the author(s)







Mother -To -Child Transmission of Hepatitis B in Jos Metropolis



Ozele, Kingsley Chukwuka (MBBS, FMCOG); Ozele Nonyelim (BSC, FMLSCN)



Consultant Special Grade 1 (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and Head Medicine and Health Services Department, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Kuru Jos Plateau State, (NVRI) Vom.1

Chief Medical Laboratory Scientist Biochemistry Division National Vertinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom.2






Article No.: 020122011

Type: Research



Background: Hepatitis B virus infection is a major public health issue worldwide and more seriously in Africa and Asia3. In Jos, like in the most parts of Nigeria, information on mother to child transmission of HBV is scarce. This study was undertaken to determine the mother- to- child transmission of hepatitis B markers at delivery.

Objectives: To determine the prevalence of HB s Ag in maternal blood and that of cord blood at  delivery at JUTH .To determine the proportion of HB s Ag positive   to HB e Ag positive on maternal and also proportion of the same markers in the cord blood.

Method: Descriptive cross sectional study

Result: The results of the study showed that the prevalence of HB S Ag among women at delivery in Jos metropolis is 12.77%. It also revealed that the prevalence of HB S Ag on cord blood is 2.2%, which is an issue of concern. Also, the proportion of HB S Ag to HB E Ag in women at delivery is 23:3. That is, 13.04% of those that are HB S Ag positive were infectious. Association was statistically significant. There was no HB E Ag positivity in all the 4 cord blood that was HB S Ag positive.

Conclusion: Jos is an area of high endemicity for hepatitis B virus infection.  In line with WHO recommendation of routine antenatal screening for HB's’Ag. for pregnant women at booking,2, routine screening for HB S Ag on all pregnant women should be introduced at the booking clinic.  


Accepted:  05/02/2022

Published: 17/02/2022


*Corresponding Author


E-mail: kingsleyozele9@



Mother - To – Child; transmission; Hepatitis-B; Jos.



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