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Zinkeng and Molesy

Greener Journal of Psychology and Counselling

Vol. 3(1), pp. 28-32, 2019

ISSN: 2672-4502

Copyright ©2019, the copyright of this article is retained by the author(s)

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Dynamics of Socio-Educational Environment on the Attainment of Students’ Educational Aspirations


Dr. ZINKENG Martina1; MOLESY Anthony N.2


1 HTTTC, Kumba, University of Buea

2 Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, University of Buea





Article No.: 060619106

Type: Research

DOI: 10.15580/GJPC.2019.1.060619106



This article brings out the role of the socio-educational environment on the attainment of students’ educational aspirations. The socio – educational environment is of great importance in creating, sustaining and attaining the educational aspiration of students. Every student irrespective of the race, gender, culture or academic level, lives and studies in a particular socio – educational setting. This setting can either stimulate, promote and assist students in their educational ambition or adversely affect and may be completely shatter it. The aim of this article was to highlight the importance of the major social and educational settings that students live in and interact in and how these different settings affect the attainment of students’ educational aspirations.


Submitted: 06/06/2019

Accepted:  12/06/2019

Published: 22/06/2019


*Corresponding Author

Zinkeng Martina



Keywords: Socio-Educational Environment; Aspirations; Educational Aspirations; Students



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Cite this Article: Zinkeng M; Molesy AN (2019). Dynamics of Socio-Educational Environment on the Attainment of Students’ Educational Aspirations. Greener Journal of Psychology and Counselling, 3(1): 28-32,

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