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Eli et al

By Eli, S; Abam, DS; Josiah, A; Alex-Hart, BA; Joboy-Okei, EA (2022).

Greener Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 12(1), pp. 74-76, 2022

ISSN: 2276-7797

Copyright ©2022, the copyright of this article is retained by the author(s)






Child Sexual Abuse: Report of 2-Cases



Eli S1; Abam DS2; Josiah A3; Alex-Hart BA4; Joboy-Okei EA5



Mother and Baby Care Global Foundation.1

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.2

Department of Paediatrics, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.3

Department of Paediatrics, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.4

Department of Paediatrics, Federal Medical Center Owerri.5






Article No.: 020822018

Type: Case Study



Background: The infringement on the rights of the child is referred to child sexual abuse or assault. Apart from the physical scars, there are associated psychological consequences on the victims. It is important social problem with paucity of local data.

Aim: To present these 2-cases of victims of child sexual abuse who were managed at the emergency units of the referral hospitals and to suggest solutions on how to curb this social menace..

Case: The first was Miss OT a 4-year old nursery 3 pupil brought in by her mother at the Paediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynaecology units of a private hospital, with complaint of rape by a 14-year old boy. The second was a 6 year old primary 1 pupil who presented at the Paediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynaecology department of University of Port Harcourt with complaint of rape by a 15 year old next door neighbor one week prior to presentation .They were managed accordingly and the necessary medico-legal protocols taken.

Conclusion: Child sexual abuse is not uncommon in our environment based on the information gotten from the media space on a daily basis. Multidisciplinary management approach should be institute for the abused involving the clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, paediatricians, gynaecologist and other professionals. The law should be allowed to run its course as the victims go through a lot, with psychological scars taking a long time to heal.


Accepted:  08/02/2022

Published: 17/02/2022


*Corresponding Author

Dr Josiah A (MBBS, FWACP)

E-mail: josiahappollus@



child, sexual, abuse.




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Cite this Article: Eli, S; Abam, DS; Josiah, A; Alex-Hart, BA; Joboy-Okei, EA (2022). Child Sexual Abuse: Report of 2-Cases. Greener Journal of Medical Sciences, 12(1): 74-76.


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