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Ogunsola and Adisa

Greener Journal of Social Sciences

Vol. 10(1), pp. 09-16, 2020

ISSN: 2276-7800

Copyright ©2020, the copyright of this article is retained by the author(s)







A Study of Nigeria in Congo International Peace Keeping Operation



Ogunsola, Abayomi Olusegun; Adisa, Olufemi Peniel



Department of Political Science, School of Secondary Education, Arts and Social Science Programmes, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education Oyo, P.M.B. 1010 Oyo State, Nigeria






Article No.: 01212013

Type: Review



Nigeria being a peacekeeping country has been involved in peacekeeping operations since her Independence in 1960 both in Africa and the world around. Premise on the above, the paper examined Nigeria in Congo international peacekeeping operations. The study is based on liberal peace theory. The study adopted a systematic qualitative technique. It involved secondary source of data where data for analysis were sourced from newspapers, relevant books, journals, publications and the internet, It was discovered that Nigeria is yet to optimize its longerstanding participation in peacekeeping internationally due to lack  of policy and institutional  coherence of political strategies and to some extent operational  levels. It has equally been noted that Nigeria has utilized international peacekeeping as a foreign policy tool which has not yielded commensurate benefit to her.


Accepted:  24/01/2020

Published: 26/02/2020


*Corresponding Author

Adisa, Olufemi Peniel

E-mail: penielizabeth824@, dnpenieliza@



Conflicts; Cooperation; Development; Operations; Peacekeeping; Policy







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Cite this Article: Ogunsola, AO; Adisa, OP (2020). A Study of Nigeria in Congo International Peace Keeping Operation. Greener Journal of Social Sciences, 10(1): 09-16.



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