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Shamil et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 9(4), pp. 357-360, 2019

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Evaluation of Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) Varieties at Teppi, South Western Ethiopia.



Shamil Alo1, Abebe Gezahegn2, Dereje Geremew3 and Wakjira Getachew4



1,3,4Teppi Agricultural Research Center, P. O. Box 34, Teppi, Ethiopia.

2Melkassa Agricultural Research Center, P. O. Box 436, Adama, Ethiopia.






Article No.: 032619053

Type: Research

DOI: 10.15580/GJAS.2019.4.032619053



Three varieties of pineapple were brought from Jimma Agricultural Research Center plant tissue culture and evaluated during 2015/2016 main cropping season at Teppi. The experiment was carried out to test the adaptability of improved pineapple varieties and to identify the best high yielding and pest and disease resistant/ tolerant variety/ies for the target area. The mean yield of tested varieties was ranged from 19.8tonne/ha for Queen to 70.4 tonne/ha for Smooth cayenne. The mean days to flowering was 406 days for smooth cayenne and 455 days for sugar loaf and Queen. The mean plant height was 82.33 cm for Queen to 113.93 cm for sugar loaf. The mean leaf length was 58.13 cm for Queen and 91.93 cm for Sugar loaf. The mean fruit length was 10.7 cm for Queen and 14.57 cm for Smooth Cayenne. The mean fruit diameter was 10.05 cm for Queen and 11.68 cm for Smooth cayenne. The mean average fruit weight was 1.01 kg for Queen and 1.65 kg for sugar loaf. Sugar loaf (69.7tonnes/ha) and Smooth cayenne (70.4tonne/ha) had highest mean yield. Therefore, Sugar loaf and Smooth cayenne are more preferable for farmers at the study area due to their good characteristics described above.


Submitted: 26/03/2019

Accepted:  28/03/2019




*Corresponding Author

Shamil Alo

E-mail: shamilalo99@



Adaptability; pineapple varieties; Teppi; yield.




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Cite this Article: Shamil A; Abebe G; Dereje G; Wakjira G (2019). Evaluation of Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) Varieties at Teppi, South Western Ethiopia. Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences 9(4): 357-360,    




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